Quick update, got a basic dashboard working and now going to start working on the webapp. Next update will flow in once I have an MVP of the app working, and I will also share the other insights I will be tracking.

If you think these updates are too frequent or have other feedback please let me know!

June 15, 2020

  • Got the kimai-exporter with backfill working, quite hacky but not going to clean it up because I'll end up replacing Kimai anyways.

June 16, 2020

  • Got a simple dashboard working and then realised I don't have enough high quality data to do graphing. All of this is combined with vacations is giving me shitty data and graphs, but you can see an early preview of a 4 day week I had:
Per activity time breakdown

Though tbh, I am not fully satisfied with the quality of data. When I started to track things, switching on the timer before I started my task wasn't fully in my workflow so I didn't track things pretty well. And somedays, I didn't track things at all. Combine that with a vacation last week, overall not super content with things.

Having said that, after my break, I feel more relaxed (take vacations folks!!) and less rushed. I've been tracking things pretty diligently but also am starting to look how I can make it easier for others to do time-tracking. Integrating Pomodoro technique into this is a really, really good way, but I have some other ideas as well.

So next up I will start hacking on the Golang and React application. Haven't done simple web dev (neither backend or frontend lol) in a looong loooong time, so this should be fun.